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Press Release

Filipino American Community of Los Angeles

June 01, 2013


 Los Angeles-  The Filipino American Community of Los Angeles (FACLA)’s L @ G Affair  last  May 31, 2013 be held at the SPORTSMEN’S LODGE HOTEL at 12825 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91604 was a success!

FACLA’s President Baul in his speech at the L and G Affair praised the  21 awardees and achievers  “ as trailblazers in their own field. “  He also said:This multi-racial event  is  “ a ground breaking and historical for FACLA and for the improvement of the 48- year old FACLA Building  and for HIV AIDS Victims in Los Angeles.”

The FACLA President Baul also said: “Let us remember the words of President Obama that unless we have equality and have achieved equality  the United States cannot claim moral ascendancy in American and throughout the world. “


L and G Achievers and  Awardees


Meanwhile,  we given out at the event  and were given the FACLA Awards and Certificates of Recognition from the Office of  outgoing Council Member and Incoming Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

The  twenty one (21)  personalities who are the  L and G Achievers for 2013 were  as follows;

Lemuel Balagot – Restaurant/Entrepreneu; Philip James Gilberti – Pianist/Composer ; Antonio Maximo – Make-up artist: Anthony Bradshaw – Make-up and hair artist: Christopher Sibley – Sibley entertainment, Promotion Grp./Entrepreneur:David Tupaz – Fashion designer in Las Vegas, Nevada;  Joey Galon – Fashion Designer in Las Vegas, Nevada/Event planner; Bernardo Bernardo – Actor comedian/Singer entertainer; Jo Awayan – Singer/Performer  and Richie Selva – President of LGBT org./Travel industry.

Other awardees in their respective field of expertise are: Dion Santos – Regional Marketing Director of an Ambulance Co./Fashionista/Entertainer/Singer: Giorgio Cerenado - Announcer/ Interior Designer/Entrepreneur; Sonny Madera – Psychiatrist/Administrator of a hospital ; Chevy Evangelista of Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) – Activist for Human Rights from New York : Edward C. Rafael Jr. – Entertainer/Singer Comedian: Lawrence Rey L. Gumban – Manager NoyPitz: and Alan Del Rosario – Fashion Designer.

Special  Awards  was   also be given to the following: Lety Reyes, Baby Batacan and Aleli-Abrigo Neal. .

FACLA’s Treasurer and  L and G Events Coordinator Linda Nery , the events coordinator also thank everybody who attended the affair and made the event a success.

For more information please call FACLA at (213)484-1527 or email us at and visit our website at wwww.newfacla.org or our facebook at newfacla/facebook.com