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Four Asian American Organizations in the U.S Formed A Stronger Group- the AAAJ

June 24, 2013

Four Asian American Organizations in the U.S Formed A Stronger Group- the AAAJ

By Arturo P. Garcia

Los Angeles—The Asian Pacific American Legal Center-Southern California (APALC-SC) announced last June 20 that it will be changing its name and affiliation to Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ) starting June 30, 2013.

The statement issued by the APALC President and Executive Director Stewart Kwoh said; “ by the end of June 2013, we will collectively become Asian Americans Advancing Justice. In the next few weeks, you will see official changes in our name and logo, as well as our presence in print and online.
APALC will become “Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Los Angeles” and our other partners will become “Asian

Americans Advancing Justice | Asian Law Caucus,” “Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago,” and “Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAAJ.” Kwoh in the press statement said.

AAAJ isn pushing for the passage of the important bill, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill that will try to provide a pathways to citzenship for more than 12 million immigrants in the united States. The debates are being acrimonious and like in 2008, out of more than 300 amendments at least 200 were blatantly anti-immigrant.

Hence a need for a national organization to give the cause a nationwide push to reality in advocacy. Tehrefore it is quite right that AAAJ come into fruition.

Last Stages for AAAJ

Kwoh also said: “ This changes was prompted by the process of forming a stronger affiliation with three other key Asian American civil rights groups. Together, we are seeking to raise a more powerful and impactful voice on behalf of the communities we serve.

Now, we are in the last stages of officially changing our name and formalizing our affiliation with the organizations formerly known as the Asian American Institute (Chicago), the Asian American Justice Center (Washington, D.C.), and the Asian Law Caucus (San Francisco).

Key to the affiliation is a stronger and more cohesive civil rights and legal services infrastructure on a local, regional, and national level that will enable us to collaborate more effectively and bring the voice of grassroots advocates to the national arena. “
By doing this, the Kwoh added that: ‘we will also be able to address more issues in more places and influence national debates on challenges not only facing the Asian American community but other vulnerable and underserved communities.

In addition, while we will no longer have “Pacific” in our name, APALC, as Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Los Angeles, continues to be committed to advancing justice for our brothers and sisters in the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) community, through supporting organizations and leaders in the NHPI community as well as advocating on issues of shared interest.

Structural Changes

The AADJ’s Stewart Kwoh said: ” the our local new coalition as Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Los Angeles, will operates one of four equal and independent partners who share common principles and coordinate closely with one another.

Each will continue to operate with separate boards of directors, executive directors, staff, programs, and finances, and remain accountable to our respective local, regional, and national communities. Through this shared identity, we will ensure that the concerns of our communities are heard and heeded as never before. As we expand, we will have this cobrand in new cities as well.

Most importantly, despite the new name and look, we remain committed and accountable to you – our community. As we look forward to our next three decades, this core commitment will drive every aspect of our work to advance justice for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders.”

If you have any questions or concerns about our forthcoming name change, please feel free to contactKarin Wang, vice president of programs and communications.