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No to the Reactionary Amendments to the CIR , Yes to Family Unity!

June 24, 2013

No to the Reactionary Amendments to the CIR , Yes to Family Unity!

Los Angeles–The Alliance Philippines stands for family reunification as the corner stone of any comprehensive, just and humane immigration law.

As the Senate debates on proposed immigration bill come to the fore , it becomes more and more openly is against immigrant families as it favors the racists and exploitative capitalist system.

The Alliance vehemently condemns the recent amendment that will only provide a green card after 10 years of wait and dependent on a big budget $ 30 B “secure borders.”

The scheme will only big business fat cats and those in Congress richer at the cost of public.

$ 30 Billion Cost of “Secure Borders”

We in the Alliance raise the public concern of the do nothing US Congress:
Why can’t they just replace the so-called immigation bill as “secured Border Law” instead of an “immigration law?

It is clear that our lawmakers are really businesspersons who wants to make a killing of big profit by appropriating public funds for $ 30 billion ” secure borders” complete with drones, electronic fences, high walls and 40,000 border agents.

Another feature of the bill is that 18 months after the legislation is enacted, a legal resident or citizen can no longer sponsor adult siblings. The new bill would restrict “immediate relative” to children and spouses of those allowed to become lawful permanent residents.

The immigrants will not be allowed to petition their siblings including parents if these bill passes. But as other political analysts has predicted, until June 2013 when the law is predicted to reach the House, debates will be acrimonious and bitter for all sides.

The Actual Costs

For Alliance and the immigrants, the actual cost in cold cash is also prohibitive. The costs to apply for this status are a $500 fine, assessed taxes and application fees. After six years in Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI) status, another $500 fee will be applicable. This law is also impractical and inhumane.

After 10 years, a person with RPI status will be eligible for a green card provided they have worked regularly, paid taxes, learned English and civics, and paid a $1,000 penalty. After three years with a green card, they can apply for citizenship.

On the other hand, other immigrant groups found the proposed bill “inhumane” for it separates families and do away with family petition which has been the cornerstone of all immigration laws since the 1800’s since the United States open its doors for all immigrants.

No to Costly Border! Money for Services,Jobs and Education not for Borders!

Ipaglaban ang karapatan bilang imigrante!

Ipaglaban ang katarungan!

June 24, 2013