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FACLA Programs and Projects (2012-2015)

FACLA Programs and Projects (2012-2015)

FACLA for the year 2012-2015 offers a variety and different types of community services to the Filipino American community.

These are the following: Community Services, Senior Services, PANDAYAN SINING Cultural Empowerment and Youth Services.

Under these programs are different projects that FACLA offers to the community.

1. Community Services

Newly Arrived Immigrants Assistance Program (NAIA)

The NAIA project helps newly arrived Filipino immigrants to accustom and acclimatized themselves to the new landscape. The project also help immigrant s offering them citizenship classes and clinics, services like the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in cooperation with API non-profit groups and private law firms.

Regular Community Cleanup

FACLA helps to keep the community clean and presentable and believes that “ a clean mind breeds clean surroundings.” Regular clean-up are held around FACLA and different neighborhoods in collaboration with District 13 and the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council (GEPENC) and youth groups like the KmB and UCLA Samahang Pilipino.

Tax Preparations Workshops-This year FACLA also offers tax preparations workshops for free to Filipino Americans in coordination with Filipino accountants and the H and R Block.

Advocacy Issues

FACLA is also a venue for community advocacy for empowerment for its thousands of its members where the burning issues of the day for the city of Los Angeles, national issues such as immigration, labor issues, social security and senior services are discussed, debated and acted upon.

FACLA is also a venue for discussions, forums and lively debates about local and Philippine issues like the presidential and local elections in the Philippines,California and the City of Los Angeles.

2. Senior Services/Economic Development Projects

FACLA for a fair and graduated payment also provides a venue and space for rent for senior organizations like S4PACE, Knights of Rizals (KOR), MOTHER and different community organizations based in the county of Los Angeles.

There is social dancing every Wednesday and Fridays at FACLA that seniors can enjoy. FACLA also offers a venues for celebrations and commemorations like baptisms, birthdays, memorials and other activities

This year, FACLA embarked on an economic development program that will help the seniors in their problem of affordable housing and financial literacy in the community. Cooperating with the variety of other non-profit agencies, FACLA is looking forward in serving more our community.

3. PANDAYAN NG SINING Cultural Empowerment

FACLA was envisioned as the Filipino Cultural Center that represents the various cultures of the Philippines. Thus FACLA implemented last year the PANDAYAN NG SINING and held its first Arts exhibit last February 25-March 10 2013 in celebration of the People’s Power Revolution of 1986 and 2001 in the Philippines in FACLA.

FACLA has been the center of commemorations of Philippine and Filipino-American events and issues most specifically the following events:

April 26 FACLA Day, June 12 Philippine Independence Day . June 19 and December 30 Rizal Day, Historic Filipinotown Day on August 2, , July 4th Fil-Am Friendship Day, and Pil-American Cultural Night (PACN) Community performances, JFAV Veterans Day, November 11 and Dec.7 Pearl Harbor Day.

4 .Youth Services

As the Philippine national hero Dr, Rizal said that “the Filipino youth is the hope of the motherland”, FACLA is collaborating with the youth in providing them with a venue for their activites and in their activities and program.

FACLA is starting up a youth assistance program such as mentoring and tutoring subjects for high school students in Historic Filipinotown.

Particularly with the youth driven Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) and the KmB Pro People Youth and the youth based Filipino American Associations with the different colleges and universities in California, FACLA is a hub of activities for them.

FACLA has always been a youth partner in community empowerment and advocacy for Filipino American youths and the community.