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February 28, 2014


Los Angeles— Despite the heavy rains caused by the storm in California, scores of Filipino_American leaders in the Public Forum (Talakayan sa FACLA) last Friday, February 28 express utmost dismay at the recent PH Supreme Court decision that upheld the new cyber crime law “constitutional”

At the same time, the Fil-Am leaders lauded the Obama initiative called “My Brother’s Keepers” program that appropriated $ 350 million for African-American youths. This was the climax of the Black History Month.

The crux of the Supreme Court decision is to declare that a post can be deemed “libelous” and affirmed the draconian law punishment for on-line libel by 12 years imprisonment. What Fil-Am leaders decried was heavy penalty that is more than 6 years as per the Revised Penal Code. Warlord, corrupt politicians and political dynasties are happy with this anti-people and reactionary ruling.

Wrong Timing

The Fil-Am leaders decried thefact that the decision came at the most inappropriate time. When the Filipinos are ought to be celebrating the 28th anniversary of the ouster of dictator Ferdinand Marcos or the 28th anniversary of the EDSA People’s Revolution of 1986.

Austin Baul Jr , FACLA president explained, ” when the internet became popular since 1994, people at last had a medium denied to them by papers, media networks and pulpits owned by the ruling class.

We need to advocate for the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) to counter act the cybercrime law as well as support the decriminalization efforts in the PH Congress,” Baul said.

Businessman Freddie Castaneda agued, “They resort to the internet to vent their feelings against corrupt, inept and powerful individuals and families that control the Philippine society. Libel or even on line libel must e decriminalized like here in the United States.

On the other hand, business woman Linda Nery and community leaders Dr.Marc Caratao and Benie Ganon expressed support for th Cybercrime Law in the Philippines.

They said, ” We believe that discipline and responsibility must go hand in hand. Impunity on line must be punished.”

“My Brother’s Keeper Program lauded.

Meanwhile, Austin Baul and Dr. Marc Caratao praised the Obama program on African American youth called “My Brother’s Keepers”.President Obama announced the $ 350 Million program to save African American youth.

Austin Baul said, “These is an appropriate time to give the African American youth what they deserved. As victims of systemic racism, the government owe them so much it’s the time to compensate given their long and bitter history of slavery and oppression.”

Dr. Caratao no the other hand decried the fact that Historic Filipinotown was not included in the Obama’s “Promise LA” program. Ms Bernie Ganon said, “again the Filipino Americans were marginalized and excluded from further city development.

On the other hand, Alliance leader, Arturo Garcia said, ” The Filipino-American community stands with the Filipino people who will defend their freedom and democratic rights against all kinds of tyrants in the Philippines and all over the world.

We are one with you to oppose such draconian laws, a throwback to the days of the US-Marcos dictatorship. We need systemic change, not just political change on the top like what happened in EDSA 1 and 2.”

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