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March 14, 2014


Los Angeles– Spring is here and so the discussion at the Public Forum (Talakayan sa FACLA) was so heated, contending parties discussed the issue of the Ukraine-US Crisis with gusto.

Dr. Marc Caratao explained “that the Ukraine Crisis takes away US focus away from China and its aggressions in the Philippines. It’s the same situation in World War II when the US helped Europe first and let the japanese occupy the Philippines from 1941-1945.”

China-PH Conflict

Talakayan moderator, Ka. Larry Pelayo pointed out: “But the question is why we depend on others like the United States to defend our own country.We cannot do anything when the Chinese gunboats bombarded out fishermen with water.

We must be self-reliant and not defend on anyone for our own defense. But because our country and its leaders is so corrupt we can see that even our arms procurement program is tainted with graft and corruption”

Austin Baul said ,”that is the precisely because we cannot import arms from the US. The reason is there is no corruption in US arms sales and the price is high. So, the Philippines imports arms, jets and ships from Italy, Spain and other countries where there is kick-back” Drawing laughter from the audience.

The Ukraine Crisis, Russia vs EU-US

FACLA President Austin Baul also warned the audience on the Ukraine Crisis, ” We should not be taken away by American propaganda. We must understand history because of all the country Russia suffered from enemy invasion and threats of total annihilation.

Napoleon in 1800′s and Hitler during World War II threaten Russia with genocide.Now that the European Union (EU)and the United States are threatening the Russia. Russia has the right to defend itself.”

Dr, Orly Cagampan hit the double standard approach of the US,” they are threatening Russia with sanctions. But I asked who wiill suffer. it is Europe because its energy requirements (gas and natural gas) comes from Russia. They must resolve this diplomatically and not by war.”

Art Garcia of JFAV stressed the fact that: ” The US is offering $ 1 Billion dollar aid to Ukraine while they cannot pay the benefits of Filipino World War II veterans and their survivors for the last 68 years. It’s a case of double standards and blatant racism

Businessman Tommy Jones also pointed out, “The Philippine must resolve the issue with China bilaterally. We must not take the US line to spite China and take the case to UNCLOS because it is our nearest neighbor. Besides the Americans will not protect the Philippines against China because the US owes China so much debt.”

On the Delfin Lee Arrest and PAGIBIG Scam

Another businessman Freddie Castaneda commented on the arrest of Delfin Lee, ” that proves corruption is endemic in the Philippines. Kaya marami pa ring mahirap dahil marami paring corrupt.”

Atty Terry Herrera admonished the participants to join in the crusade agains the corruption and said the arrest of alleged PAGIBIG scammer Delfin Lee is a sign that the anti-corruption drive is not all lost and there is hope.

Art Garcia, another moderator said agreed with Herrera’s call. He said, “Senator Cayetano proposed reforms on the Sandiganbayan and the Obmbudsdman in the Senate . And the DOJ reported that the Prelimary Investigation phase is winding down. Charges will be filed soon.”

On which Atty Ben Basilio said, “It took almost six years before former President Estrada was convicted. But unfortunately GMA pardoned him and he did not stay in jail for more than one year. I hope this president (Aquino III) will not pardon them and will not happen again.” Basilio quipped.

Public Forum( Talakayan sa FACLA) is being held every Thursday at 10:000 in FACLA. Talakayan thanked the food sponsor, Mr. Tommy Jones, Dr, Marc Caratao and MOM’s BAKESHOP for the lunch.

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