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June 29, 2014


Los Angeles—“No special treatment to accused plunderers in the Philippines, apply the force of the law equally to all.”

This was the consensus of Filipino-American leaders during the last TALAKAYAN sa FACLA discussions , Thursday, June 26 when the forum focused on the developments during the PDAF hearings and the detention of accused Senator Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr and the propaganda circus during the so-called surrender last week in the Philippines.

FACLA Director Paul Julian emphatically called for the restoration of the death penalty in the Philippines. Julian said, “people like Estrada and Revilla are callous because they know that there is no death penalty in the Philippines. Even common criminals became more daring because the law is soft and have no teeth.”

Faith in Justice Restored

Meanwhile Atty. Terry Herrera said, “ Although Estrada and Revilla’s lawyer scored points on the weakness of the Ombudsman case, we are still hopeful that the law will take its course and justice will still prevail in our country.

It was the Sandiganbayan call not to grant the prosecution’s motion to amend the case, but the case is still strong as they said. If the Aquino III administration did not act on the plunder cases and those accused remained free, the people could have lost their trust in the justice system in the Philippines.” Herrera exclaimed.

Dr. Veronico Agatep said, “ we must brace our self for a long trial. The lawyers of the accused for sure will do all they can to delay and pounce on all the loopholes that they can see. We witness now their call for bail although the law said the case is non-bailable because as they pointed out, the evidence is weak and their case is strong.’

Special Treatment for Enrile Scored

On the other side, Dr. Orly Cagampan and Dr. Marc Caratao agreed on the general observations that the Senator Juan Ponce-Enrile is receiving special treatment like Janet Napoles with the statement of the President that  “the health situation of Enrile warrants special consideration.

Dr.Caratao said, “It is better for the President to have just keep quiet than to give Enrile special consideration.’”On the other hand, Dr Cagampan said, “ it is ironic that the lawyers and doctors of Enrile are the same lawyers and doctors for the deposed dictator Ferdiand Marcos.”

Dr. Agatep on the other said, “ It is only the expert doctors who can give opinions on the real health situation of Enrile’s doctors should be heard,”

Death Penalty Must be Restored

But everyone in the TALAKAYAN agree that the full force of the law must be applied to everyone specially to all accused. No special treatment should be given to these people who are asking special treatment and privileges like food, air-conditioning units, cable- tv and many more perks.

Almost everyone also agreed that capital punishment or the death penalty must be restored so criminality that is on the rise can be arrested and all criminal elements be rooted out and can be punished properly. And that includes those guilty of plunder and graft and corruption in the Philippines.

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