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Let Justice and Truth Prevail, Punish All the Guilty Speedily, Fully and Thoroughly

USAP CoalitionPress Statement

July 06,2014 

Let Justice and Truth Prevail, Punish All the Guilty Speedily,  Fully and Thoroughly 

Los Angeles- Mabuhay Ang Tagumpay Ng Laban ng Masa sa PDAF at DAP!

US Action Against Pork Barrel or PDAF (USAP) Coalition gives it heartfelt congratulations to everybody in the Filipino American community and the Filipino people after the public pressure give way to the Philippine Supreme Court to rule that the DAP like the PDAF is “ unconstitutional.”

We have all ourselves to thank for our unrelenting vigilance and mass actions all over the United States. Now that the accused in the PDAF and DAP scandals; Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla and co-accused; Janet Napoles, Richard Cambe, Gigi Reyes and others, are all in jail, the grind of the wheels of justice have started to roll.

It took us, eight months to see the fruits of labor and we want to pursue our quest for justice and want it to be fully enforced no matter who is involved.

USAP Alarmed with the Callousness of the Accused.

The USAP Coalition meanwhile,  expressed alarm at the temerity and the callousness of those who were charged wit plunder for  they flaunt their privileges disregard of them law even in jail where they received different kinds of special treatment like partying all nights and demanding special privileges.

For USAP, President Aquino III shares the blame on this utter disrespect for the law of by those of the  accused . By saying Enrile should receive special considerations because of  his age, Aquino is giving leeway to the former architect of martial law and is giving special treatment to those accused with plunder rendering inutile all efforts for them to remorse for their crimes.

The USAP Coalition again reiterate the call of the Filipino people in the Philippines and abroad; punish all those who are charged with plunder, speedy trial and exact justice; let justice prevail and let the guilty suffer.

Justice delayed is justice denied!

Let justice Prevail!

The United States Against PDAF (USAP) Coalition

Los Angeles

July 06, 2014