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6th PH National Heroes Day at FACLA on Aug.28, A Success

August 29, 2014


Los Angeles“Everyone can be a hero, Not only the likes of Senator Ninoy Aquino Jr. who gave his life for the people on August 21, 1983.”

Ms.Andrea Aquino, of the Ninoy Aquino Movement (NAM), the featured speaker on the sixth Philippine National Heroes Day at FACLA said during the memorial for Senator Ninoy Aquino Jr, the featured hero during the celebrations on August 28, 2014.

Mrs. Aquino, the aunt of the late senator and NAM leader also sad, “everybody can be a her as long as they do their duty as a good, law-abiding citizen and a patriotic Filipino.”

The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) also honored the remaining 25,000 Filipino World War II veterans and more than 60,000 widows were also honored during the celebrations.

She was introduced by Atty. Roman Mosqueda who said, “On this hall, Senator Aquino made his last speech on July 28, 1983 before he left and met his martyrdom on August 21, 1983 in Manila.”

New FACLA Group

As a part of the program, the FACLA Cultural Group led by Director Benrie Targa-Ganon gave three dance numbers at the delight of the crowd who attended the celebrations and dance party at FACLA.

The members of the group were Cora Miller, Emette Underwood, Lilia Lao, Jen Morada, Mark Garcia, Rey Ganon, Bernie Ganon, Ray Canalo and Apples Asares.

The Justice for the Filipino American Veterans (JFAV), FILAM International-USA LLC, Bantay-Pilipinas-USA and FACLA Seniors and Veterans Committee sponsored the 6th Philippine National Heroes Day event.

A lively dance party followed with music provided by Buddy Reyes and his Fantastic band all through the night.

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Mensahe ng USAP Coalition Para Sa Aksyong Masa sa Luneta, Agosto 25, 2014

  1. Agosto 21, 2014
    United States Against Pork Barrel (USAP) Coalition
    Los Angeles

    Mensahe ng USAP Coalition Para Sa Aksyong Masa sa Luneta, Agosto 25, 2014

    Sa ngalan ng komunidad ng Pilipino-Amerikano dito sa Estados Unidos, mahigpit kaming nakikipagkaisa sa inyo sa inyong aksyong masa diyan sa Pilipinas.

    Nagtagumpay tayo na labanan ang PDAF. Kaisa ninyo kami na nagdaos ng malawakang mga rali dito sa LA, NY at San Francisco noong isang taon, Agosto 29, 2013. Kaisa pa rin ninyo kami hanggang ngayon. At bagamat naalis ito muli na naman itong binabalik sa ibang pangalan tulad ng “Special Purpose Fund.”

    Malayo man ang pagitan natin, nagkakaisa namin tayo sa diwa at layunin na tapusin na ang sagdsagarang kawalanghiyaan ng mga kurakot sa gobyerno lalo na ang mga nasa gobyerno ng pagkating BS Aquino III na nagnanakaw ng mga rekurso na para sana makapagserbisyo sa masang Pilipino.

    Alam nating lahat kung bakit pinangigigilan ng grupo Aquino III ang DAP o anumang pangalan para dito. Alam nating lahat na gagamitin nila ang perang ito sa eleksyong 2016 para sa kanilang kampnaya para sila makapanatili sa kapangyarihan. Ngunit hindi na tayo papayag sa mga pambababoy na ito sa ngalan ng demokrasya.

    Kasama ninyo kami sa kilos masang ito. Mula sa Los Angeles hanggang sa New York, Mula sa San Diego hanggang sa Alaska, mula sa Hawaii hanggang sa Boston, kung saan man may Pilipino, hindi na tayo papayag na magpaalipin sa mga bulok na pulitikong ito.

    Ibig sabihin hindi pa tapos ang ating laban. Dapat lang tayong magpakatatag at lalo pang magpalawak para labanan ang pesteng ito sa ating bayan.

    Tama na, Wakasan Na!, Pondo ng Bayan ay Para sa Bayan hindi sa mga bulok na pulititko!

    Wakasan ang Pork Barrel sa Anumang Balatkayo at Pangalan nito!

    Sa Pagkakaisa,

    Arturo P. Garcia
    Convenor ng USAP Coalition
    Los Angeles, CA



August 18, 2014


Los Angeles–“It’s good that the feeding program is back in FACLA”

“FACLA used to have food distribution for the FIlipino-American community then. It’s good that the feeding program and food distribution started again” Filipino World War II Veteran Orencio Salem remarked.

The Historic Filipinotown California Expo (HIFI CALI LLC), The Filipino Ministry of the Wilshire United Methodist Church (FM-WUMC) in cooperation with FACLA announced today that it will conduct its monthly feeding program and food distribution on Saturday, August 23 at 10;00 AM at the Filipino-American Community of Los Angeles (FACLA).

Sid Balatan said, ” This will be the second time that the groups will provide indigent FIlipino-Americans who lived around Historic Filipinotown with free food and distribute food packages for Filipino-American clients.

We invite the seniors and the needy to come for our feeding program in FACLA at 10;00Am on Saturday, August 23.

More than 30 Filipino American families availed of the feeding program of lugaw and the food distribution last July 26, 2014 also at FACLA.” Balatan remarked.

Feeding Program at FACLA

The first time that the group conducted this event was in July 26, 2014 also in FACLA. This will be a follow-up on that monthly event hat the three groups envisioned to help the FIlipino Community in Los Angeles.

FM-WUMC Pastor Rodolfo Sumaling and Sid Balatan , HiFI Cali Dr.Veronico Agatep, JFAV Los Angeles Arturo Garcia and S4PACE President Jovy Alejandrino and volunteers from these organizations will again coordinate the vent on August 23.

For sometime there was a feeding program and food distribution in FACLA but it did not last long. Now the feeding program is back to really serve the people of Historic Filipinotown.

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August 07, 2014


Los Angeles—“Four years is too short for a good president, six more years is too long for a tyrant. “

Filipino-American leaders in Southern California unanimously turned down a proposal from DILG Secretary Mar Roxas to give President BS Aquino III “another six term” to continue his good programs for the Filipino people..

Dr.Marc Caratao said, “we are building another Marcos in the making. And it seems we lack good and credible leaders if we do that.” Dr.Caratao was citing the example how Marcos got reelected for another 4-year term and declared martial law to extend his tenure to almost 14 years as a dictator.

Dr.Orly Cagampan also said, “yes, we must be careful not to repeat our mistake with Marcos. Some leaders begin with pure intentions and then becomes comfortable with power until they won’t leave their power behind.”

Alliance leader Arturo P. Garcia said, “ besides President Aquino promised he will only get married when he leaves office. If he overstays, he might not get the happiness he wants.”

Immigration Woes

On the problem of “anchor children” or those 57,000 unaccompanied minors from LAtiN American countries of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras who crossed the US-Mexico borders, FACLA President Austin Baul Jr  said,” I believe that some criminal syndicates like Coyotes are behind these human smuggling. I cannot blame the Republicans for going against Obama and the democrats on this matter.”

Alliance West Coast leader Art Garcia said, “The Republicans are being obstructionist by passing the two-anti immigrant laws before the Congressional recess. Its truly a humanitarian problem if the Obama administration will take for granted the situation of these unaccompanied 57,000 minors who are already inside our borders.

It is a real concern for these refugees who flee their country because of the high rate of criminality and economic deprivation in their nations.”

TALAKAYAN also thanked Dr, Marc Caratao and Rosalie Caratao for providing the refreshments and lunch for the TALAKAYAN participants this Thursday.

TALAKAYAN is a weekly forum/discussions every Thrusday at 10:30 AM at FACLA  on the burning issues of the day in the Filipinmo-American community in the United States and the Philippines.

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GOP Controlled Congress Passed Two-Anti-Immigrant Laws Before Going to Recess

Alliance News
Aug.02, 2014

GOP Controlled Congress Passed Two-Anti-Immigrant Laws Before Going to Recess

Los Angeles- “ Only cowards scapegoat children and only those who are ashamed of themselves do it after hours on a Friday night.”

Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said on the House floor as the Republican controlled House of Representatives (HOR) approved two bills Friday night, one that allocated only a fraction of the funds needed to address the humanitarian situation surrounding unaccompanied childrenThe other bill that was passed is that strips deportation relief or the DACA or more than half a million young immigrants.

The Alliance-Philippines West Coast Coordinator Arturo Garcia condemned the do-nothing congress that does not solve the problem of immigration but sit down on it, never discussed nor vote on it and the worst, passed these two bills that is both anti-immigrant and very inhumane before going into their annual recess.

Two Anti-Immigrant Laws

Alliance West Coast Coordinator Arturo Garcia said, “ we feel the same way as the immigrant advocate Rep. Gutierrez of Illinois, All that the republicans can do is to obstruct the immigration reform law and all what Obama does for immigration and other laws.

The Alliance believes more API’s including the Filipino-American community will be affected with this obstructionist bill passed by the GOP controlled HOR.”

The Alliance leader, Arturo Garcia also said. “ that both passed on largely partisan lines. The funding bill only provides $694 million out of the $3.7 billion President Obama earlier requested, including $35 million in funding for states that send National Guard troops to the border on their own, and rolls back due process protections for unaccompanied children.

The bill has little chance of passing the Senate, and President Obama said earlier on Friday he would veto if it came to his desk.

The second bill ends the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, through which 580,000 young immigrants had received temporary legal status, and makes the beneficiaries eligible for deportation “

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