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January 22, 2015


Los Angeles- Southern California’s Filipino American leaders in this week’s TALAKAYAN sa FACLA last Thursday, January 22, 2015 lauded as well as criticized US President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address and his plans for the next 2 years of his incumbency, 2015-16.

FACLA President Austin Baul Jr. said, “Obama’s plans are all motherhood statements that a usual person finds it hard to disagree with. Big plans but in reality hard to implement.”

Dr.Marc Caratao, TALAKAYAN moderator said,” but the usual problem is who will pay for it. Will be another tax burden for the citizens and the tax-payers like me?’

Tax The Rich or Cut the Benefits for the Poor?

TALAKAYAN moderator Arturo Garcia answered the question,” That is why President Obama’s proposal was to tax the rich. Meaning the so called “millionaire’s tax. That is those who made millions will pay for health, minimum wage hike and education with a 28% tax surcharge. That’s where the Democrats and GOP argue.

For the Republicans any tax increase for the rich is deplorable while on the other they will oppose any 28% tax for millionaires while cutting benefits for the poor. Two diametrically opposed views. We have nothing left but to contend with a “do-nothing congress until 2016.”

Journalist Larry Pelayo chimed in,” Everybody likes free community college education and health care. And it was nice to know that formerly community college education was free before the Reagan presidency.”

Philippine Issues,2015

Diverting from the domestic issues, Rudy Ferran brought out the issues on the PH Senate probe on the Binay’s hidden wealth as well as the latest PH Supreme Court decision on the Estrada’s disqualification case.

Drawing a reply from Jun Baul,” I am very skeptical on the PH Supreme Court decision on Estrada. It was very clear that in a contract that he signed that he will not seek any elective position when he was pardoned. Why did the Supreme Court did not disqualified him?”

Al Garcia pointed out, “It was not the fault of the Supreme Court, They just decided on the legality of the issue noting that when PGMA gave him an absolute pardon, that restored all his rights and privileges as a Filipino citizen including the right to run in any elective position.”

To which Dr. Agatep of FACLA added, ”that was the famed Aguinaldo doctrine of the Supreme Court in the 1990’s that restored him as an elected governor of Cagayan and later as a Congressman.”

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