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February 12, 2015


Manila- “There is only one way forward, and that is peace.”

MILF’s Chief Peace Negotiator Mohager Iqbal summed up the MILF position at the 3rd’ Senate Hearing on the Battle of Mamasapano last Thursday, February 12 In Manila as he appeals for the passage of the Basic Bangas Moro Law (BBL) in the Senate for the first time.

The discussions on the Basic Bangsa Moro Law which is” the heart of the peace process” as Iqbal described it, was stalled in the Congress after the tragic dearth of 44 SAF men at the “misencounter “ between the MILF and the PNP last January 25, 2015.

In the battle, Jamayaah Islamiya (JI) ‘s Marwan, a wanted international terrorist was also killed by the SAF in a daring raid. Congressional hearings was called due to the death of 44 SAF personell during the raid. This is the biggest casualty of the PNP in the recent times.

MILF, Not a Terrorist Organization.

Iqbal also made it clear that the MILF is not “a terrorist organization. This is to answer some reports reaction to some Senators particularly Bongbong Marcos, Allan Cayetano and JV Ejercito calling the MILF ‘terrorist organization s” during the Last three Senate hearings.

“ Chairman Hashim Salamat of the MILF wrote to US President Bush and Chairman Hadji Morad also wrote President Obama . Both US President answered their letters. I don’t think US President called them terrorist.” Iqbal retorted.

Iqbal also said that the “MILF will help hunt and bring Usman Bassit to justice” and return the SAF firearms and belongings. He also beg the indulgence of the Senate and the PNP to “ finsh the MILF investigation on the incident”

He also called for an “independent and impartial investigation of the Mamasapano Incident of an independent investigationg body” because he said, “for sure many will not believe the result of the MILF investigation.”

Iqbal flew in from Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia last Thursday to appear before the Senate Hearings on the Manasapano incident. He just attended the MILF-GPH signing on the agreement for decommisioning of the MILF Bangsa Moro Armed Forces in Malaysia.