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BATAAN Diary, 1942.

April 08, 2015

BATAAN Diary, 1942.

On April 8, 1942, The 2nd and last line of defense crumbled. All along the battle front, units of I Corps together with the devastated remnants of II Corps, crumbled and straggled to the rear.

The last reserves led by the 57th Infantry Regiment gave way. The commanders on Bataan lost all contact with their units, except by runner in a few instances. In the last two days of the defense of Bataan, the entire Allied defense progressively disintegrated and collapsed, clogging all roads with 26,000 civilian refugees and fleeing troops.

By 8 April, the senior U.S. commander on Bataan, Maj. Gen. Edward P. King, saw the futility of further resistance, and put forth proposals for capitulation to the Japanese dor conditional surrender. King knows further resistance means more deaths for the defenders. He sent messages to General Homma, the Japanese commander in Bataan.

The end was near for the USAFFE in Bataan.



April 08, 2015


Los Angeles- The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) announced the passing of Bataan veterans and Death March Survivor, Jose Vargas Geaga, 100 years old last April 04, 2015.

He should have been 101 years old on May 23, 2015. He is a resident of Los Angeles. Here is the announcement from the Geaga Clan Facebook:

” To the Geaga family and clan: We announce the peaceful passing of our beloved (father, dad, lolo, tito, uncle, brother) Jose Vargas Geaga yesterday Saturday April 4. He would have been 101 years old on May 23, 2015. Manong Dolian Gomilla (our cousin priest) celebrated a beautiful and solemn funeral mass for Jose amongst family and friends in his home.

Shortly thereafter, his body was taken by the Abbott and Hast Mortuary. Internment of his ashes at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Memorial Park and a memorial service celebrating his life is set for Saturday May 16, 2015 (details to follow and will be posted on www.josegeaga.geagas.org).

“Dad, we are grateful and thankful for all you’ve done for our us and our family; and, we celebrate your life.”