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The Editor
Mr. Rhony Laygo
520 East Wilson St.
Glendale, CA 91206

May 10, 2015

Dear Editor,

In the interest of truth, objectivity and high standards of journalism, we hope you will publish FACLA’s rejoinder to the article of your contributor- writer Leo Monsalud who wrote*” Quo Vadis, FACLA ?*” that appeared inyour last issue on April 25-May 1, 2015, p.8.

Mr. Monsalud wrote some comments about FACLA and his so called “friends there at FACLA” and calls himself as a “FACLA member”, so let us answer four of his major questions:

1. On FACLA’s Membership*: Mr. Monsalud asked, *”What happened tothe* *thousands of registered members before? Is this good or bad for FACLA?”*

There were indeed thousands of members at one time in the
past, but that was because there was an election and candidates registered as many members as they can who will vote for them.

Those thousands were never active afterwards. At present FACLA is embarking on a membership drive but the NEW FACLA administration believes that it is better to start with quality membership. “Fewer but better” .

FACLA does not need thousands of registered members who are only active during elections and are dormant after elections.

That has been the practice in the past and we want to change that and we want to change for the better. We know there is strength in numbers but we cannot sacrifice quality for quantity.

Maybe that question why the membership of FACLA declined should be better addressed to former FACLA administrations. We cannot answer for the sins of the past. We are only answerable to the present and the future.

2. *On the construction of a new building*: FACLA has embarked on a building development program and will inaugurate a new building and social hall three to four years from now that will serve as the new edifice and symbol of a New FACLA.

FACLA spend almost two years in negotiating this building developmentproject with a prestigious developer/non-profit organization.

We are terribly sad that Mr. Monsalud despite being briefed about all the positive details of the project by no less than the FACLA President, he still casts doubts on the motive and intent of FACLA on
this project. We are truly sad that he never learned anything while he was in FACLA.

FACLA has always been transparent. Right from the very start, before we embarked on the project, we had it approved by the General Membership Assembly. It has been discussed in the Board in every meeting and in every step we have been transparent on the dealing.

We cannot fault Mr. Monsalud for being a naysayer as he insinuates, *”the promise* *of protection should not be made verbally. *“He was even invited as a guest during the signing of the agreement.The agreement stipulates that FACLA will not spend a single centavo on the project and further, FACLA will remain as one of the owner of the property.

The question now is, why is he telling your readers that it *”is just a verbal agreement?*” We believe that Mr. Monsalud is not dumb to know the difference between a signed agreement and a verbal one. Or is he just nit-picking or just wanted to cast doubts on the integrity of the FACLA Board?

And where did he get “the $4M asset value of FACLA”? This is a figment of his imagination.

3.* Focus*: Again, passing praise for innuendos, Mr. Monsalud asks,* “Now this building should not distract FACLA from its mission of attending the needs of the Filipino American communities in LA. Will FACLA help?”*

For the information of the public including the grossly misinformed Mr. Monsalud, FACLA has catered to more than 14,000 clients for 2014. FACLA has surpassed its 2013 record of more than 11,000 clients served as the Cultural Center of the Filipino American Community.

FACLA continues to serve the Filipino American community in joint ventures and projects on the different cultural, economic, and political spheres with other entities like the City, and other non-profit agencies like the neighborhood councils, FILAM ARTS and other organizations.

FACLA has continued to lead and support the struggles for immigrant rights,legalization, pathways to citizenship, for rights and welfare of our World War ll veterans and widows, seniors and our youth.

This recorded facts proved that we are not distracted and are focused. Our eyes are always fixed on the prize. And that is service to our community.

*4. In the Red:
*Maybe Mr. Monsalud is really misguided and really illinformed. FACLA is a non-profit organization and not a privatecorporation. FACLAis self-sustaining. We exist for public service and not for profit making. The prime policy of the present administration is self-reliance.

We operate within our means and we don’t ask for handouts from the
government or from anywhere else. What we want is a FACLA that is
self-reliant, self-sustaining and self-generating and a FACLA that has
honor, integrity, and dignity and does not kowtow to to persons in authority or private funders.

In the end, if our friends are like Mr. Monsalud, then who needs enemies?

It is better for FACLA to have no friends at all.Then we can not say, “Et tu Brutus?” A friend who will praise you but will assassinate you in the end with the unkindest cut of all.

Sincerely yours,

For the FACLA Board of Directors,
Austin Baul Jr.
President & CEO

Arturo P.Garcia
Board Secretary