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May 25, 2015


Los Angeles– We in the Justice For Filipino American Veterans Day (JFAV) , remembered every Memorial Day until 2001, our Filipino World War II Veterans attend every Memorial Day events in our area.

But during that those Memorial Day, Racism always rears its ugly head. Our veterans are sidelined. They were never recognized in those events. If if ever, the most it is only lip service..

We shook our head and grit our teeth on the indignities suffered by our veterans every Memorial Day. Still, they wear their uniform and medals proudly., shed their tears bitterly during this ceremonies despite being unrecognized.

They were bussed to these events by American politicians, American veterans organizations and groups to cemeteries, veteran’s posts. community centers and markers just to boost the numbers of attendees. To serve as mere decorations and a captured audience.

Honor the Filipino WWII Veterans

Tired of these indignities some progressive community and evteran leaders and the youth and students of JFAV decided to have our own Veterans Day Parade in Historic Filipinotown to honor them starting November 11, 2001. Until today we have turned November 11 every year as our memorial day and a day of protest for them.

Not the American Memorial Day every last Monday of May every year when America honor its war dead numbering in millions who died for the American Empire.

Until now, for almost 70 years, we in the Justice For FIlipino American Veterans (JFAV) and the remaining 12,000 remaining living Filipino World War II Veterans are still unrecognized as American Veterans since the unjust Rescission Act of 1946 stripped the 426,000 Filipino Veterans their right to be American Veterans.

Until now, almost 70 years after, we in JFAV are still fighting for our veterans and widows for recognition and benefits.

But because the Filipino-American Community has been in the United States for more than a hundred years, they have contributed to America its finest sons and daughter to service its armed services,.

Thus we still honor our Filipino-American brothers and sisters and everybody from our community who served dutifully in its armed forces.

Especially those who fought for its war starting from Pvt. Tomas Claudio who died in France during World War I and the very many who fought for freedom during World War II. under the Philippine and American Flag and those who fought for America.

We say, Happy Memorial Day for All.

We Salute you!

Arturo P.Garcia
National Coordinator
Justice For Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)
Los Angeles, California

May 25, 2015



May 24, 2015


Los Angeles—Mabuhay ang LAKAMBINI NG KALAYAAN!

The LAKAMBINI NG KALAYAAN 2015 Candidate’s community organizations presentation last May 24, 2015 was a resounding success!

The Candidates Cultural Presentations of the LAKAMBINI NG KALAYAAN 2015 was held last May 24, 2015 at the Manila Terrace Social Hall with eight out of 12 community organizations candidates made their cultural presentations.

Five of the eight finalist organization’s candidates won their berth to present at the LAKAMBINI ng KALAYAAN Coronation Night on June 5, 2015 at the Castaway Restaurant. Burbank, 91501, CA.

Winners of the LAKAMBINI Cultural Presentations

The winners were, tied for first place; The Filipino American Service Group Inc (FASGI) dance number; and Ms Mary Antoinette Ceniza for RSG; the 2nd Place winner was Ludy Gilkinson, who did a Tahitian dance number.

3rd Place was the Temple-Westlake Development Inc,Ms.Josephine Atienza and her daughter, Jeanisse who did a traditional/modern dance number_”Pillin Mo ang Pilipinas.”

Winner of the 4th place was the dance number,”Bulaklakan of the Lucena Association and the Silver Lake CBAS Emette uderwood and Susan Adorable and the 5th Place was Susan Lange. The emcee of the program were Ms. Bernie Ganon and Sid Balatan.

The Board Of Judges

The Board of of Judges were composed of Gerry Morada, a teacher at the LAUSD; Monching Bueta, a former member of the famed UP Madrigal Singers; Ms. Marife Dziuk , the only Filipina ballet dance of the the Royal London Ballet and Mylah De Leon , a writer of Asian Journal newspaper.

The cultural presentations will be featured on the coronation night of the LAKAMBINI NG KALAYAAN Dinner/DAnce Party on June 5, 2015.

The winner of the said beauty tilt will be the Queen of the 3rd Historic
Filipinotown Parade on Saturday ,June 06, 2015.

For more information about the LAKAMBINI NG KALAYAAN 2015 please call Sid at (213)3994052 or Bernie at (323)-603-6477 or email us at [email protected] or visit our facebook account at Lakambini/FB