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For Immediate Release
Justice For Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)

Contact Person: Arturo P.Garcia
September 02, 2015


Los Angeles- Today, September 2, 2015, the Justice For Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) honor the brave Filipino men and women veterans, widows and relatives and the whole Filipino Nation as well as the Filipino-American community on the solemn occasion of the formal surrender of Japan to the Allied forces on September 2, 1945 aboard the USS Battleship Missouri on Tokyo Bay.

Arturo P .Garcia JFAV National Coordinator said, “ We salute the Filipino nation who sacrificed a lot and lost more than a million people during the war, suffered untold destruction most especially the City of Manila that lost more than 300,000 people during the liberation battles from February 3 to March 1945.”

Hushed Up 70th Anniversary

Garcia added, “ And yet, the anniversary passed both in the United States and the Philippines without fanfare. There were no parades nor memorial services. The worst, the United States let Japan to rearm and the Japanese authorities passed a law allowing the Japanese Self Defense Forces to fight overseas and be deployed globally.

This is an outright violation of the Japanese peacetime Constitution and lays into the scheme of the United States to “contain China” and use the Japan and the Philippines in joint war exercises against China and Russia in its “Pivot Asia” Obama doctrine .

The “ Pivot Asia” doctrine calls for the deployment of 70% of all US naval assets in the Pacific to “contain China”, its economic and growing military reach in the now highly contested China Seas and North Pacific islets between Japan and China.”

Justice for Filipino WWII Veterans Now

JFAV said, “ Even in the United States, victory over Japan is hushed up with the remaining 25,000 Filipino World War II Veterans and more 60,000 widows remained unrecognized by the US government for the last 69 years.

What is the worst betrayal when your friend nation would not recognized you as American Veterans and even refused to grant them benefits and right.

Adding insult to injury they denied the 25,000 lump sums by the DVA. Out of the 43,000 Filipino WWI Veterans who applied for the lump sum benefits

in 2009, they only granted 18,000 veterans. And excluded the widows in the grant of the benefits.”

No to Japanese Militarism

JFAV expressed. “ On this 70th Victory Over Japan Day, the Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) and its allied organizations solemnly promise we will not let up on our struggle , redouble all our efforts to attain justice and equity for our heroes.

We will continue to be vigilant to monitor Japan’s aggressive and militarist activity all over the world special in the Philippines and Asia.

We will never let another war be waged in the name of the Japanese and Filipino people as well as the American people again.

No more war, Never again war!”

Justice and Equity Now!Fight for Peace,

Never Again War!

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)
Arturo P. Garcia
National Coordinator

September 02, 2015
Los Angeles