No Special Treatment to Those Accused of Plunder, Let Justice Prevail!

USAP Coalition


June 30,2014

No Special Treatment to Those Accused of Plunder, Let Justice Prevail!

Los Angeles —”Tulak ng bibig, kabig ng dibdib.”

For the US Action Against Pork Barrel or PDAF (USAP) Coalition and the Filipino-Community in the United States, the more the PNP and the Aquino  III Administration  declare, deny and says ,”there is no special treatment for the accused”, the more they show in actions that there is indeed a special treatment for the detained senators.

USAP wanders why until now Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is free and have not been arrested or as he said, have not turned himself or surrendered to the authorities. This is really the proof that there is different standard of justice for the poor and the oppressed and another for the ruling class and the rich privileged few.

USAP Alarmed with the Callousness of the Accused.

The USAP Coalition is alarmed at the temerity and the callousness of those who were charged wit plunder for  they flaunt their privileges and taunt the Ombudsman and the Sandiganbayan as well as the administration in their utter disregard of them law even in jail where they received different kinds of special treatment.

For USAP, President Aquino III shares the blame on this utter disrespect for the law of by those of the  accused .

By saying Enrile should receive “special considerations because of  his age,” Aquino is giving leeway to the former architect of martial law and is giving special treatment to those accused with plunder rendering inutile all efforts for them to remorse for their crimes.

Special Treatment

No wonder even those Senators who are now in jail and who can afford high caliber lawyers and bribe their jailors by turning blind on their violations inside their jail like abuse of their visitation rights and eating foods their buy instead of the food provided by their custodians.

The USAP Coalition again reiterate the call of the Filipino people in the Philippines and abroad; punish all those who are charged with plunder, speedy trial and exact justice; let justice prevail and let the guilty suffer.

Justice delayed is justice denied!

Let justice Prevail!

The United States Against PDAF (USAP) Coalition

Los Angeles


June 30, 2014



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