Historic Filipinotown Independent Film Festival Launch on October 15 at FACLA


October 02, 2014

Historic Filipinotown Independent Film Festival Launch on October 15 at FACLA

Los Angeles— “ Filipino Independent Films or Indie Films Is Here in Town!”

The Historic Filipinotown Independent Film Festival LLC (HFIF LLC) announced today that the Historic Filipinotown Independent Film Festival that will feature Filipino and Filipino-American independently produced films from the Philippines will be launched on Wednesday, at 6:00 in the evening of October 15, 2014 at the Filipino American Community of Los Angeles Social Hall.

Ms. Aleli Abrigo Neal, producer of the HIFI LLC announced the soft launching of the Historic Filipinotown Indie Film Festival, October 15, Wednesday, 6 PM, FACLA Social Hall with the Press Conference and the Announcement of the Film Festival on December 2014.

Press Con and Program

Also at the press conference, the HIFI Indie Film Festival will also start accepting entry forms for the film festival as of Oct 15 and the announcement of HiFi Indie’s Leona Calderon premier in partnership with SMR International USA LLC.

At 7:30 pm there will be a sitdown Dinner (Lite) and the screening of the feature film Leoan Calderon will start at 7:45 in the evening.

Aleli Neal also said, “This is the first step and an added milestone towards the cultural and political empowerment of the Filipino-American community in the United States. Many film festival have featured the Filipino films but usually these are subsumed or incorporated with API or Asian Film Festivals”

JFAV Coordinator Arturo Garcia said, “ we hail this auspicious event because it is not only ambitious but also a step toward patronizing and a showcase the Filipino and Filipino-American Indie films produced in the Philippines.

Especially at the time that the Philippine based Film Industry have faltered during the last twenty years. The Philippines was one has a thriving film industry that produces 200 films a year and have a lot of studios.

Indie Films, A saving grace

But at the present time, we count with our two fingers the number of studios and less than 20 films are produced every year A big let down for our local film industry that was once an envy of Asia.

This is aggravated by the incursion and aggressive advertising of Hollywood Films, the influx and popularity of Korean and K-Pop films ,high cost of productions in filming and lack of government subsidy and support as well as other factors.” Garcia added.

HFIF LLC Ms. Neal pointed out, “ On the other hand, the Indie Film productions in the Philippines is the saving grace of the film industry and have continued to reap awards in International Indie Film Awards.”

For more information please call Ms. Art Garcia at (231)241-0995 or or Claire Julian at (213)484-1527or email us at [email protected]


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