November 30, 2014


We greet you a militant greetings of solidarity on your 15th year anniversary today November 30, 2014.

It is also the 50th Founding Anniversary of the Kabataang Makabayan (KM) in the Philippines and the 151 Birthday of Supremo Andres Bonifacio, the first president of the Philippines and the Katipunan.

KmB was formed out of a need and necessity in November 30, 1999 after two years of organizing and education work. We thanked People’s CORE for organizing the KmB from 1998 to 1999 and facilitating its emergence as a progressive youth and student as well as a community organization for the community and for the people.

KmB antedated the Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP) by seven years. But again, as the Alliance and the KmB are both organizations in the same mold and parallel line of advance; Once again, I want to reiterate the two fold tasks that KmB must be aware in its organizing, education and mobilizing work in the United States.

First and foremost, KmB works for solidarity with the American people in effecting systemic change here in the belly of the beast in promoting the rights and welfare of the Filipino-American community and the general community at large.

When we say solidarity work it does not only mean publishing solidarity messages and joining rallies but in active and not passive solidarity work for the Filipino people in the Philippines and in the United States.

There is no solidarity work in placing one over the other or giving priority in one over the other. We do not and must not dichotomize our task and solidarity work. It is both symbiotic and complimentary. Solidarity means direct action, not passive lip service and just feeling good after attending the events or issuing press statements. And back to our usual SOP’s or bourgeois ways It is solid organizing , mobilization and education 24 hours a day.

Second, is the internal consolidation in organizing, educating and mobilizing our community-the Filipino-American community in the United States. We must win concrete victories for the community so they will be confident to build our community will be stronger and more solid.

We must win the Philippine Studies in the schools at all levels, fight systemic racism; get the rights and benefits to the remaining 41,000s for our Filipino World War II Veterans and 60,000 widows denied to them for the last 68 years and counting.

We must win the comprehensive immigration reform we have been fighting for the last twenty years. We must win basic immigrant rights denied to millions of our kababayan.
We must fight tuition fee increases in colleges and the commercialization of education. We must fight for the
interest of our community at every twist and turn of history.

This is our line of advance for the coming years and years to come. We are active participants in changing the system to a more progressive and more pro-people for the years to come.

If we can do this, we are truly a Pro-People Youth and you can be proud to be members of KmB. More power to you and as I always say:

Mabuhay ang KmB!

MAKIBAKA, Huwag Matakot, Mangahas Makibaka, Kamtin ang Tagumpay!

Arturo P. Garcia
National Coordinator


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