March 27, 2015




For more than 500 years the Filiipino Moro’s enjoyed independecnce from foreign invaders. They enjoyed their own economic system, religion and culture and fought the Spanish colonialist for more than 300 years, The Spanish colonialist failed to conquer Mindanao and only gained foothold in the periphery.

But the American imperialist, when they conquered the Philippines from 1898-1916 was able to control Mindanao by the use of arms and diplomacy. By concluding treaties and using the divide and ruie tactics, they were able to colonize Mindanao..

Using Christian settlers by the 1920’s they were able to penetrate the island and using the Christian enclaves became economically dominant. Landgrabbing, massacres and national oppression became prevalent from this times.

When the American gave the Philippine nominal independence in 1946 , they continued to use the government to expand in the islands and continue the Christian Chauvinist and divide and rule tactics to control the islands.


1968—The Mindanao Independence Movement (MIM) was formed in Mindanao as an off-shoot of the Jabidah Massacre in Corregidor Island of 68 Muslim Trainees of the AFP.

1969. With the formation of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), organization and formation of the New People’s Army (NPA) started in Mindanao among the Christian and Lumads.

1972- The Moro National liberation Front (MNLF) was formed and fought the Marcos Dictatorship when martial law was declared on September 21, 1972. MNLF was recognized the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC)
NPA guerilla units and guerilla fronts started to grow despite hostilities from some MNLF and Muslim forces in Mindanao mostly among Lumads and Christian areas.

1976. Tripoli Agreement was signed in Libya. MNLF entered a ceasefire with the Marcos government. Marcos promised an Autonomous Government (AG) but used the ceasefire and the AG to bribe MNLF commanders to surrender.

1978- The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) was formed under Hashim Salamat opposed to the Tripoli Agreement of 1976 and continued the armed struggle, Had a tactical alliance with the CPP.

1981-the NPA guerilla fronts in Mindanao grew by leaps and bounds and have attracted more 2/3 of the AFP forces nationwide. They were at par with the MILF forces while the MNLF grew weaker and was based outside Mindanao.

1986-When Marcos was deposed and the new Aquino Government was installed the Aquino government has a ceasefire and peace negotiations with the MNLF and the MILF. The Cory Aquino government recognized the MNLF and let Misuari returned to Mindanao.

1996- The MNLF surrendered to the Ramos Government and Misuari became the Governor of ARMM and the President Southern Philippines Community Development (SPCD). The MNLF armed forces integrated with the AFP.

1996-2000- The MILF became the sole Moro Resistance Force in Mindanao with the surrender of the MNLF. Other MNLF forces were formed outside of the Misuari faction. MILF in tactical alliance with the NPA.

2000–President Estrada launched an all-out war against the MILF bases in Mindanao.

2001-President Arroyo assumed power . Launched peace talks with the MILF while order the arrest of Musuari when he launched attacks during the 2001 elections Sulu. Musuari was arrested in Sabah and was jailed but was released later.

2008. The MILF and the Arroyo Government signed a peace agreement called the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) –Ancestral Domain (AD) but was declared illegal by the Supreme Court. Two brigades of the MILF launched attacks against the AFP and formed the Bangsa Moro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) and refused regional autonomy and clamored for independence or secession

2010- The Noynoy Aquino III was elected in May 2010 assumed power in June 2010. He started the talks with the MILF, The President met personally with MILF Chairman Hadji Morad in Tokyo in August 2011.

2012- The Framework Agreement between the GPH and the MILF was signed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The MILF accepted the regional autonomy under the Aquino Government with the promise that the ARMM will be a Bangsa Moro Political Entity or a sub-sate.

2015- With the Basic Bangsa Moro Law (BBL) to be discussed in Congress, the Mamasapano Incident occurred on January 25, 2015 where 44 police troopers were killed.


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