MArch 31, 2015


The Japanese General in Command for the invasion and occupation of the Philippines, General Masahuru Homma,a graduate of Brtain Sandhust Military Academy in Britain, called for reinforcements from Japan. The reinforcement is to strengthen his forces who laid siege on Bataan peninsula.

From January to March 1942, his campaign to break the more than 90,000 Filipino and US troops of USAFFE failed. Despite his attempts to break the Bataan defense from the sea in the Battle of the Pockets and his attacks on the Main Line of Resistance (MLR), Bataan held on.

By the last week of March, element of the Kwantung Army, battle hardened Japanese Army veterans from China has arrived to bolster the now more 50,000 Japanese forces in the Philippines and are ready for the final battle for Bataan. Homma planned the attack to commence on April 4, 1942, the Holy Friday of 1942 in the Philippines.

The final battle for Bataan is about to begin.

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