For Immediate Release
Grace Poe For President Movement (GPM)
Contact person: Al P.Garcia
August 16, 2015


Los Angeles—More than ten Southern California Filipino-American community leaders reaffirmed their support for Senator Grace Poe if she decides for President this coming May 2016 Presidential Elections.

During the weekly TALAKAYAN SA FACLA last Thursday, August 13, 2015 at FACLA, in one way or the other the community leaders expressed their belief that Senator Grace Poe has the integrity and is capable of leading the nation.

They reaffirm the fact that Grace Poe can improve the accomplishments of the “Tuwid Na Daan” of President Noynoy Aquino III whose term ends on June 30, 2016.
Dr.Orly Cagampan of the Knights of Rizal-HFT said, “ Grace Poe has integrity and I prefer integrity over experience. Experience can be learned but integrity must be inherent on a person in order to properly lead.”

Reaffirmation for Grace Poe For President

Robert Abraham also said, “ I am not familiar with Grace Poe but for me VP Binay has insulted the intellect of the Filipinos. He defied and does respect anyone. Not the Courts, the Senate and any branches of government. For me its anyone but Binay.”

FACLA President Austin Baul Jr. framed the question “Who do you prefer to be the next President of the Philippines?” thus it elected different point of views from
the community leaders.

RVNC Leader Macky Fortu said, “ I go for Grace Poe not because she is popular among voters but because she has proven that she is a capable leader in the Senate. Mar (Roxas) although is a good technocrat, is a little bit too stiff.”

GPM Consolidates Its Forces

For Al P. Garcia said, “ Even Sen. Grace Poe has admitted she is in the cross. But she admitted that “ the candidacy of her dad, FPJ and the cheating on 2004 has an effect why she is running for President on May 2016.”

The Grace Poe For President Movement or the GPM was launched last August 06, 2015 in a Press Conference attended by 15 FilAm Community leaders at FACLA and vowed to support the candidacy of Senator Grace Poe for President of the Philippines on May 2016.

Plans are in motion to expand to other major cities like San Francisco, New York and Washington DC and other states of the United States to broaden the base of the GPM’s machinery in preparation for the May 2015 Philippine Presidential Elections.

Al Garcia of Bantay-Pilipinas-USA; Jun Caringal of Pangasinan Brotherhood ,Lissa Pacheco Chow of SMR and Sid Balatan of AYUYANG were some of the Grace Poe For President Movement (GPM) convenors in The United States.

For more information about the GPM please call Al Garcia at (323)253-1818 or email us at [email protected]



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