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September 09, 2015


Los Angeles – The Alliance-Philippines based in the United States hailed the milestone resignation and subsequent jailing of the President of. Guatemala, Otto Perez Molina on September 03, 2015

Hours after resigning his post as the president of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina, a former general and the nation’s most powerful man, was sent to jail to await the conclusion of an evidentiary hearing into his role in a multimillion dollar customs fraud corruption scandal.

Arturo P.Garcia said, ” the decision to detain Mr. Pérez Molina, much like his resignation, is unprecedented in Guatemalan history and was a stunning conclusion to a day of swift change in the Central American nation.

Good Example for the Philippines

This is a good example for the Philippines where the rule of law is joke and Presidents are jailed but pardoned like in the case of President Joseph Estrada.

At present another ex-President is in “hospital arrests” but legal maneuvers are in place to set her free in jail like the former Senate President Senator Juan Ponce Enrile who was allowed by the Supreme Court to be on “temporary liberty” while on bail. “

Another ex-Philippine President Gloria MAcapagal-Arroyo is raring to be free using the same ruling that set Senator Enrile free by the order of the PH Supreme Court.

The Example of Guatemala

For the Alliance, “ Guatemalan example was a product of social ferment in Guatemala and a long a struggle of people for freedom and democracy and against the human rights abuses and rampant corruption of the ruling elite and the fascist military.:

According to the news report ,” Mr. Pérez Molina tendered his resignation overnight, and by midmorning on Thursday the country’s Congress had accepted it. He then presented himself before the courts for the evidentiary hearing, where prosecutors played more than six hours of wiretapped conversations.

At the conclusion of the hearing, which will resume early Friday, the judge ordered the former president to be held at Matamoros prison in central Guatemala City.

Guatemala is a Central American country ruled by military junta or former generals supported by the United States. It is like the Philippines where corruption is a way of life.

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