July 01,2013


Los Angeles—The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) was awarded the most outstanding migrant organization award by the Migrant Heritage Commission (MHC) based in Virginia during the 8th Annual People’s Ball last June 22 in Washington DC

The award was accepted by Arturo P. Garcia , the JFAV National Coordinator and FACLA Director during the Grand Ball in Washington DC’s Marriot’s Wydman Park Hotel attended by more than 1,300 Filipino Americans and guests.

On hand to give the award to JFAV were MHC Directors Arnedo Valera, Grace V. Jaramillo and PH Ambassador to the united States, Jose Cusia Jr.

First Award for JFAV

The JFAV, an national alliance of Veterans, youth and advocates based in the United States was given the award because of its advocacy for Filipino World War II Veterans and their survivors since 1993

It was the first award that JFAV received from a prestigious organization like the MHC based in the East Coast state of Virginia and holds the largest gathering of Filipino-Americans in the United States every year to commemorate Philippine Independence.

JFAV is a nationwide alliance of Filipino World War II Veterans organizations based in the United States. It originated from another alliance named Kilusan Disyembre 7 or the December 7 Movement (D7M) based in Los Angeles that spearhead the first political mobilization for veterans rights and welfare on December 7, 1993.

More on JFAV

On March 2006, JFAV in a regional conference held in UCLA sponsored by Samahang Pilipino took the steps to form a separate national organization from a west coast regional organization not just to campaign to relentlessly but pursue the issue of equity and justice into reality.

With the JFAV as a pro-bono lobby group for the veterans and widows, the drive for total equity became more pronounced when 24, 000 or 52% of the more than 41,000 Filipino Veterans who applied for the lump summed were unjustly denied by the DVA..

Also awarded by the MHC were different media personalities from the east coast for their advocacy for human rights as members of the press.

The media awardees were Marivir Montivon from New York and Ben Cal from Washington DC,his award was accpeted ny Rodney Jaleco, a Washington DC based journalist and Nimfa Rueda from Los Angeles.


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