Newly Elected LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Assumes Office, July 1st.

FACLA News Bulletin
July 05, 2013

Newly Elected LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Assumes Office, July 1st.

Los Angeles – Mayor Eric Garcetti assumed the office of the City Mayor of Los Angeles with a simple but regal ceremonies last June 30, at the bottom of the steps of City Hall, giving credence to what he called himself the “ back to the basics” Mayor. Of Los Angeles

Promising that “ You’ll have a local government that’s off your back and on your side”, he laid out his agenda to the 4 million residents of Los Angeles. During his inaugural swearing in ceremonies.

A modest crowd of more than 4,000 people attended his swearing-in ceremonies and the other new elected officials including eight new council members, the City attorney and the City controller at the City’s newly built Grand Plaza

He took his oath of office at the bottom of the stairs of the Los Angeles City Hall to signify his humble start as a Mayor. This is to differentiate his swearing in the former Mayor who took his oath eight year sago on top of the city hall steps as the first Latino Mayor of LA.

“Leaner and Efficient” City Government

The new mayor also promised a leaner and more efficient city government. Starting by cutting the number of his vice mayors into four from 12 during former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s eight year term.

Garcetti’s agenda includes private and education sectors cooperation, keeping Hollywood production in LA and cutting down red tape and business taxes for job growth. He also promised to “fix the roads, patched the pot holes and trim the trees”.

He also asked all the city managers their courtesy resignations and a plan for cost cutting , savings and income generation plans in order for them to be re-appointed .

Political Patronage?

But it seems his appointment of former council member Jan Perry as the economic development czar reeks of political patronage. Former councilwoman and mayoral candidate Jan Perry will serve as Interim General Manager of the new Economic Development Department. A mayoral spokesman says that once Perry gets the agency up and running, she’ll hand it off to a permanent director.

“I’m excited that Jan Perry and I will be working closely together on getting people back to work and helping businesses open and grown,” Garcetti said in a statement.

“Jan’s work in revitalizing downtown and South Park exemplify the kind of leadership and expertise we need to turn this department into a true economic engine for our city.”

For Council member for 9th Disrict and City Council Protem Perry ran for mayor after being termed out of the City Council, where she represented South Los Angeles for 12 years. She supported Garcetti after she lost the in March 5 primaries.

The new department Perry will help launch is actually the successor to the city’s community development efforts. Its $16.3 million budget is coming from existing operations, including the former Community Development Department, which is also providing most of the staff.


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