FACLA to offer Free “Big History” course to High School Students and the Interested community ..

Mr. Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman and Billionaire is offering  worldwide, a free  online version of the The Big History course.

This course though designed for  High School Students, is likewise offered to anyone interested in lifetime learning ,be  they professionals or retired seniors.

This interesting course which is becoming popular not only with students but with professionals and executives as well, is an integration of  physical and life sciences such as archaeology, anthropology, astronomy, cosmology and other sciences for better and greater knowledge and understanding of our own human development and the entire universe where we live in.


BIG HISTORY PROJECT Take your students on a 13.7 billion year journey Ask the big questions about our Universe, our planet, life and humanity. Explore where we are going in the future and challenge your students to develop the skills and knowledge they need to get there. For more info, please call Dr. Marc R Caratao, (213)280-1041 or FACLA at (213)484-1527

Dr. Marc R. Caratao, D.Mgt.
Big History Course Instructor

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Big History Course Preview by Mr. Bill Gates




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