Press Release
Filipino American Community of Los Angeles (FACLA0
September 22, 2013


Los Angeles – “Viva La Virgen De Penafrancia! Mabuhay ang Mahal na Ina! ”
The 39th United Bicolandia of Los Angeles (UBLA) held its 39th year fiesta in Lincoln Park, Los Angeles. The feast was held in Lincoln Park at the Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles attended by more than 3,000 Bicolanos representing different provinces of the Bicol region.

They came in thousands from all over California. Bicolanos and guests ,venerating the Our Lady of Penafrancia came with flowers and prayers orderly in a procession and watched the fluvial parade of bright red boats as it round up the lake, shouting with adulation; Viva La Virgen De Penafrancia! Mabuhay ang Mahal na Ina!

FACLA Participates in the Penafrancis Fiesta 2013

The Filipino-American Community of Los Angeles (FACLA) or the New FACLA Dance Troupe participated in the program and gave two dances.

It was led by FACLA Director Bernie Targa-Ganon and Rey Ganon. Bernie is also a native of Sorsogon also served free food and materials at their booth .

FACLA also participated in the procession that was led by no other than Consul General Hellen B.De La Vega and Deputy Consul Dan Espiritu who hails from Naga City. Auxillary Bishop of LA, and San Pedro Region,Msgr. Oscar Solis and the hosts, UBLA president Nany Enriquez and past president Zeny Zabocor.
Concelebrated Mass

After the early morning novena, procession and the traditional fluvial parade around the lake, Bishop Oscar Solis of the San Pedro Region and Fr. Rodel Balagtas presided the concelebrated a mass for Our Lady of Penafrancia bedecked with gold.

And the then the fun mass eating for all, the traditional practice of the”Caridad” or the Charity followed as every Bicol organizations’ booths served free food and refreshments to the thousands of multi-ethnic devotees.

Ms. Bernie Ganon from Sorsogon said,“ This was the third year that the Fiesta of Penafrancia was held in Lincoln Heights. For almost 39 years, the fiesta was held traditionally in Echo Park.

The UBLA transferred the fiesta festivities in Lincoln Park when Echo Park was closed for repairs two years ago.” Bernie Targa-Ganon of the New FACLA Dance Troupe who also served food and presented during the program explained when she was interviewed by this writer.

Will the Fiesta Be Back in Echo Park?

Meanwhile former UBLA President Zeny Zabocor said, “ We might be back in Echo Park next year. We will see.” When asked by this writer why, Ms Zabocor explained, “Some of our members want it to be here.”

Echo Park, is a tourist attraction is in Historic Pilipinotown. It also where the annual Asian Lotus Festival is held attended by more than 60,000 people. It just opened last July 15 after more than 10 million dollars renovation.

On the other hand, Lincoln Park also boast of a lake is bigger and more rustic than the modern Echo Park with more parking and simplicity that attracts the Bicolanos.

Let us see where the Fiesta De Penefrancia will be held next year, 2014.


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