September 26, 2013


Los Angeles—Filipino-American community in Los Angeles marks the Pilipino-American History Month by presenting the “Dance of the Poorest, Dance For the Forest” featuring the children who grew up in Smokey Mountain, Philippinesom Friday, at 6:00 PM at FACLA, 1740 W. Temple St. Los Angeles, CA 90026.

The feature presentation is sponsored by the MOTHER Movement and the FACLA.

Every October the Filipino-American community celebrate its particularity called The Plipino American History Month (PAHM) as a community in the United States in unity with the diverse ethic groups that comprised the United States of America.

FACLA. The oldest and the still existing nonprofit organization in California was organized by a group of farm workers in Los Angeles on April 26, 1945.

Its 48 year old building were FACLA is located today at 1740 W. Temple was built way back in1965.

The Dance of the Poorest

By presenting the feature show “Dance of the Poorest, Dance for the Forest” FACLA assumes its role as a cultural center for the Filipino-American community and enhances its role in promoting Filipno culture and the children of Smokey Mountain.

Smokey Mountain referred to the dumpsite in Tondo Manila where the poorest of the poor lived and made a living out of the garbage dump near Manila Bay.

It was called as such because of the mountain of garbage and the smoke that comes out from constant burning of garbage in the area.

The Philippine government decided to get rid of the ragbage dump and eye sore during the administration of Fidel Ramos but the garbage dump was just transferred inland in Payatas, Quezon City. An affordable housing center was built in place of the “Smokey Mountain.”

For more information please call FACLA at (213)484-1527 for more information or email us at [email protected] or visit our website at newfacla.org.

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