FACLA/Bantay Pilipinas –USA Holds Town Hall Meeting vs PDAF

Press Release
October 05, 2013

FACLA/Bantay Pilipinas –USA Holds Town Hall Meeting vs PDAF

Los Angeles – While thousands of Filipinos held their Anti-Pork Rally in Makati, thousands of miles away, scores of Filipino-Americans led by the Filipino-American Community (FACLA) and Bantay Pilipinas-USA conducted a Town hall Meeting dubbed as “Talakayang Bayan” and discussed future actions against the corruption schemes in the homeland last October 3, 2013 ( October 4 in the Philippines)

The Town Hall meeting was the kick-of activity of FACLA for the Pilipino -American hisotry month (PAHM). The forum was opened with militant remarks from FACLA President Austin Baul Jr, “ The evils of PDAF hounded the county and gave the Philippines and our people not only the politicians a very bad image abroad “

He also cited Bantay-Pilipinas advocacy against corruption in the diaspora and in the Philippines and “” pledged that the groups gather will fight corruption wherever its exists.”

Town Hall Panel

USAP Coalition Convenor and FACLA Director Arturo P. Garcia. FACLA 2nd Vice President Dr. Venonico Agatep and journalist Larry Pelayo acted as the moderator for the Town hall meeting.

Garcia read the statement of the USAP Coalition and the ‘Million People March 2 I n the Philippines. This is the 3rd solidarity action in the Filipino American community in the United States with the Million People’s March 2 in Makati City. USAP Coalition statements were given away at the forum.

Larry Pelayo of Pinoy Watchdog also said, “the relationship of PDAF with political dynasties that ruled the Philippines is very clear. The more money they accumulate from PDAF, the more they build their dynasties.” He cited the cases of the Marcos in Ilocos, Rectos in Batangas, Revillas in Cavite, Pinedas in Pampanga and others.

Dr. Veronico Agatep., FACLA’s 2nd Vice President and also a former town mayor and a provincial board member, explained , “Not everyone in the government is corrupt and not everything in PDAF is bad. It is the crooked politicians who made the system bad.”

On one of the question from the crowd. “Is there hope for Filipinos after PDAF”, the panel members said” We are hopeful something will change. We have seen the administration file charges, conduct investigation and have shown some transparencies in the PDAF cases.

The community leaders and activists who attended the Town Hall meetings and FACLA promised to do more such discussions in the future to keep the issues alive and and community well informed on the developments on the PDAF scam.

For more information please contact FACLA at (213)484-1527 or email us [email protected] or visit our facebook/newfacla.


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