FACLA Supports The 8th Historic Filipinotown 5K RUN June 14, 2014: New Route, New Challenge

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May 21,2014

FACLA Supports The 8th Historic Filipinotown 5K RUN June 14, 2014, New Route, New Challenge

By Arturo P. Garcia

Los Angeles–The Filipino American Community of Los Angeles Inc or FACLA supports the  8th Historic Filipinotown 5K RUN on June 14, 2014.

This was stated by FACLA President Jun Baul  who further said, “The June 14 5K Run, an annual event led by the Historic Filipinotown Neighborhood Council (HFNC)  will take a different route after taking the Temple-Hoover Route for eight years, this year 2014.

The event started by the Historic Filipinotown Neighborhood Council (HFNC) in 2006 as a part of the Historic Filipino Town Festival in honor of the designation of Historic Filipinotown district by the Los Angeles City Council in 2002, will be held on Saturday, June 14, 2014.” Baul declared.

Different Route, Different Challenge

According to Baul, “This time, the 8th Historic Filipinotown 5K RUN will take the Bonnie Brae, Beverly to Robinson route and back.

It’s a different route but a new challenge Temple-Hoover did not have. It’s the forward slope ( Uphill)  and the reverse slope ( Downhill) back that will  surely test the 5K runner’s stamina and speed.”

People will remember the same route was taken during the First 5K Run in 2006, The route was from Court Street to Roselake St to 3rd and Commonwealth St. and back. And then in 2007, it was changed to Temple and Hoover until 2013.

5K Run, A Filipino Independence Day Run

Cecille Ramos, President of HFNC said, “ This is the first time that the HFT 5K Run will be held separately from the annual Historic Filipinotown Festival usually held every August or summer of the year. This time, the 5K run will be held in honor of the 116th Philippine Independence Day celebrated every June 12 every year.” Ramos explained.

On June 12, 1898, the Philippine revolutionary government declared the Independence of the Philippines from colonizer Spain. That was the time before the American forces intervened and occupied Manila and started the occupation of the Philippines on August 13, 1898.

It took the Filipinos to initiate more than 300 revolts to finally raised a national revolution from August 23, 1896 to June 1898 to finally be free from colonialism. The Philippines became the first Asian nation to declare its independence and be free from a European colonizer.

A Multi-Ethnc Community Sports Event

According to the New FACLA News sources, the HFNC said, ” more than 6,000 runners have participated in the eight years of the 5K run from 2006.At least more than 800 runners participate annually at the 5K RUN.”

HFNC President Cecille Ramos also said, ” The 5K RUN became the prime feature of the Historic Filipinotown Festival every year and as a multi-ethic sports activity every summer in Central LA.

FACLA has been supporting this event since Baul assumed FACLA leadership since 2011. the 5K RUN has been a successful event that added to the popularization of Historic Filipinotown as a cultural mecca and sports event for the Filipino-American Community.


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