Coup in Thailand, “Miracle” in PH In A Troubled ASEAN

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May 24, 2014

Coup in Thailand, “Miracle” in PH In A Troubled ASEAN

Los Angeles—“ Ang sakit ng kalingkingan ay sakit ng buong katawan.” ( A pain in a part of the body affects the whole body.)

The Alliance Philippines based in the Filipino-American community in the United States expressed concern on the military coup in Thailand and the messianic posture being justified by the Thai coup inclined military.

At first the military justified the military takeover to “preserve peace and order” but days later and announced elections but later like in Egypt, the military declared that it is a coup and the army chief declared himself as the prime minister.

Coup Threats Real in the PH

It is not far fetched that a coup can be possibly mounted by Anti Aquino groups to extricate itself from the threats of political extinction. The former RAM leaders like Enrile and Honasan still has influence in the AFP and can try to destabilize the regime.

On the other hand a coup can be tried by pro-Aquino group if the cannot push through its scheme of charter change. It is or to possibly give Aquino III a longer tem to avoid regime change which is coming within the next three years.

The Alliance is deeply concerned that the count down to the decision of Sandiganbayan to hear the PDAF cases and order the arrest of lawmakers who were implicated is coming. The 60 day period is ending for the Sandiganbayan to decide to hear the case.

Trouble in the ASEAN

As if rubbing salt into the wound, the Aquino III regime in Manila hosted the World Economic Forum and banded the much-vaunted “economic miracle” of the country. This at the time, while its neighbor Thailand’s military declared martial law by conducting a coup in the deeply politically troubled ASEAN nation.

It is also the time that, following the dictates of its imperialist master, the United States, the Philippines stood with Vietnam in denouncing China on its aggressive posture in the South China Seas and promised to stand with Vietnam against China.

The Alliance is carefully watching the turn of events in the Philippines and Thailand as the territorial dispute with China escalates and the political situation boils up. The political situation in Thailand and the Philippines is essentially the same. A time fuse is ticking for the bomb to blow.

Armed Revolution, The Difference

Thailand and the Philippines both client states of US imperialism both shared the common problem of semi-colonial puppet states- deep seated and ingrained corruption in its government.

The only difference is that Thailand’s armed revolutionary movement faded away along time ago because of its dependency on China that turned capitalist away from international solidarity .

On the other while the Philippines there is still the longest running and still potent armed revolution and a strong mass movement in the urban areas like Thailand.

Both Thailand and The Philippines have Muslim population who are waging armed struggle against their government. In the Philippines, the Aquino III regime has concluded peace talks with the MILF while in Thailand, the problem is still raging.

Thus, the Alliance called on all to be vigilant and watch for the developments in Thailand and the Philippines. As they say,“Eternal vigilance is always the price of freedom.”

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